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Bryan Winfrey

Bryan Winfrey

Bryan was born in a far-away land called Albuquerque and grew up in the wide open expanse of Oklahoma City and Norman.  After heading East, he cut his wine teeth as a buyer in a Wine Retail Store.  It was around this time that he was first introduced to the wonderful world of Tarara and its wines.
Having tasted many a Viognier in his time as a wine retail store buyer, Bryan was struck by the incredible varietal correctness of Tarara’s Viognier.  After learning that the wine was made from wholly estate grown fruit, he was sold and it was then that his eyes were opened to the quality of juice being harvested from Tarara’s vineyards.
After leaving the Wine Retail business, Bryan took a 180 degree foray into the publishing world, where he quickly found that he missed the daily interactions with other wine lovers.  Fortunately, Bryan was able to scratch that itch and initially come on board with Tarara pouring wine part-time on the weekends in what was known as his “fun job”, which ultimately funded sushi dinners with his beautiful girlfriend (now his beautiful wife!).

Five years later, Bryan was able to make his “fun job” his “real job” and come on board with Tarara full-time as Retail Manager and resident rock n’ roll enthusiast.   When not roaming the property, discussing all things wine, and enjoying the company of Tarara’s guests, you can probably find Bryan riding roller coasters, rockin’ out at concerts, or walking on the beach with his lovely wife Karen and their beautiful daughter Analee.
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