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When We Take Home Wine!
 Working in a tasting room, the most common question our staff gets is generally “what’s your favorite?” So, we thought we’d ask them! Some of them were laconic, some verbose, some creatively inspired. Some were busy debating who got the last bottle...

All of them were enthusiastic, and excited to share their favorites!

Lauren B.
2012 Cab Franc and Bubbles!”

She’s sipping and savoring #SocialSecret White 2012 these last few days of summer!


#SocialSecret 2012. He loves the depth and complexity.


She says she’s more of a red girl, but she can’t get enough of the Charval 2013!


This guy’s all about the Bad to the Bone Bubbles. There’s nothing like a little sparkle.

Laura loved too many to give me just one! What’s she drinking? Hang on to your hats, this woman’s got a cellar of awesome to share:

Bin #4 Red. 100% Merlot, 100% smooth silky sexiness in a bottle (I'm copywriting that!!). Uncharacteristic of your typical merlot, the Bin #4 "had me at hello" because of its smooth plush texture and rich berry aroma. My mouth literally waters when I open this bottle and it excites all of my senses. It's my number one Tarara obsession! Because of its uniqueness, it stands alone for me when drinking it. I don't want it to get jealous, so I drink it all by itself.

Boneyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Where do I begin with my number one obsession on the Boneyard side? Rich, luscious, plum red color tones (almost a deep crimson) with enough acidy to awaken your taste buds. The bouquet of plum and cherry mentally take me somewhere else. I absolutely love, love, love my Boneyard Cab Sauv with a nice filet mignon or a New York stip. It's my bliss in a bottle of red. Not even imagining that it would be possible, the 2012 vintage of this obsession is even better. Deeper, richer, more opulent. But I don't discriminate between the two vintages and love them both equally for their own uniqueness.

Boneyard Bad To The Bone Bubbles. Literally the sparkling that opened this "red wine loving girl's" world to whites. It's so darn packed with fruit flavors, and so refreshing. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be so passionate about Chardonnay, but this sparkling sensation kicked the door wide open for me. I love it because it’s not terribly dry, but has a hint of it at the end. I have shared this with many guests of Tarara and friends that were blown away to learn it is 100% Chardonnay.

Boneyard Skins. This is a tough one to describe because of its particular characteristics. At first try I couldn't really describe it right away. It took a few sips to formulate what I was specially experiencing with this wine. It's like a "menthol type of experience" on the tongue without the menthol or mint. It’s a rich fat cooling experience that has completely intrigued me.

Right now, I'm drinking a lot of Charval! I just love this blend and makes me remember that summer isn't over quite yet! While a part of me is eager to get into my fall weather delicious red wines, the other part of me wants to cling to summer a little while longer!!”


He loves big, smooth reds, so he’s hooked on the Cabernet Franc 2012!

“I'm currently enjoying my favorite...Boneyard White. It's delicious. I love that it's crisp without being startling. It's bright with the tiniest hint of sweetness. It makes my mouth happy. It's almost too easy to drink...like water. “


Is drinking the TerraNoVA. Because it’s delicious.


Is drinking Nevaeh Red 2012. "I had no idea wine could taste so good, until I tasted Nevaeh Red! I'm in love!"

Val was inspired!

“Hanging with friends, eating dinner or reading a book….
Savor thoughts of Neveah ‘10
with another wonderful red Bin
# 4….who could ask for more?
As one season pours into another, choose a different color….
On a hot summer concert night,
Boneyard White is sure to delight.
Remember Long Bomb 4, 5, 6?
Look soon, 7 will join the mix!
For weddings, birthdays or just thankful to be alive…….
Bad to the Bone Bubbles reigns first,
our only cork ready to burst!
Cabernet Franc then Viognier
can follow on your special day.
Or maybe you just enjoy wine and need a good find…..
Any day of the week, drive our way
taste, purchase and please plan to stay.
Favorite bottle where? You guess ~
Tarara, the only address!

"I’m seriously invested in the Bin 4. It’s velvety and unctuous. If a wine is sexy, this is the one. It prompts me to want to put on a fire and listen to some Vivaldi, snack on some cheese, and roast some chestnuts. Grab a friend. Savor it together while you talk about nothing serious.”


Bad to the Bone Bubbles, of course! “Refreshing, perfect for a hot day! Good to celebrate with, or to crack open any weeknight!”


Nevaeh Red 2010 is one of my favorites. Not only is it an incredibly complex, earthy, dense and aromatic wine, with lots of fruit just dripping off the palate, it is also entirely from Tarara’s estate vineyard, Nevaeh. There is something so cool to think that this is a wine that is from the United States, from Virginia, from Loudoun County, from Lucketts, from the 48 acres of vines on site, from a few specific rows of vines at Tarara. Just knowing that the wine in the bottle came from those grapes is magical – and delicious!”

What are you drinking?
Post By:   Shawn Sisson

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