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Never rest!  We are very excited about our wines and vineyards today.  That said we only have one goal for the future - get better.

We have already re-constructed our Nevaeh Vineyard and part of Tranquility to ensure we are growing suitable grapes on each site.  We are also continuously looking to find the next great acreage, both on our property and off, to continue to grow and express the multiple terroirs of Virginia.

Our future course will remain with the same premise of crafting wines with extreme focus and passion.  We love what we do every day and we will continue to expand.  Tarara is currently looking to more than double our acreage, we know our future is in our own hands.  We must plant the right vines in the right places.  We also know we want Tarara to be enjoyed by far more people in areas all over the world.  We will remain focused on our wines - making them better and more accessible for you. 

Cheers to a bright and prosperous future doing what we love to do for you. 
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