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Vineyards / Terroir

Vineyards / Terroir

The lifeline of all that we do.  The magical reason why everyone wants to get into the wine industry is the idea of a leisurely walk through the vineyard at sunset.  Well, that never gets old.  Wine is made from grapes, it is as simple as that.  No additive, designer yeast, winemaker, winemaking facility, or barrel has the impact on wine like the grape.  Classic varieties (Vitis Vinifera – Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot, Viognier, etc) are some of the most complex fruit in the world.  That is why they can be reminiscent of so many other sensory experiences we have had.  They also have an incredible ability to really show where they are from.  They show the soil, the amount of sunlight, surrounding vegetation, the volume of rain, etc.  This is what makes wine so fascinating:  Not what was done to alter the wine, but when a wine can be so complex, intriguing, concentrated, and exciting by being as natural as possible.  Our goal is to take those aspects from our vineyard and get them into the bottle.  We operate with the goal of showcasing two main vineyards and 4 blocks at this time.

Nevaeh Vineyard
Tranquility Vineyard
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