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Celebration Wines – Is it as Waste of Wine?
I admit I am as guilty as anyone for opening up bottles I have been waiting to open or that I am excited about for special occasions and going to weekday favorites for general drinking. That said every time I open something "special" I think to myself, "Why did I just do that?"
Apparently as much as I tend not to tell people when my Birthday is, the word did spread yesterday. Thanks to all that offered B-Day wishes, it was a fun and very chill kind of day (well chill might not be the word when it is 115 degrees with the humidex ?). I bring it up because as we often do on Sunday anyway we had some of the Tarara family come and hang with us for dinner. Tim and Kevin who also live here on site are also pretty passionate about their fermented grape juice so I know they are going to enjoy some nice wines. Heck, they also bring some delicious juice with them. So what is the point of this story?
Once again we opened up something that we thought would shine with the Chicken in a Chasseur Sauce and man it was good. However, at the end of the night we looked back and we had tasted several incredible wines and even some tasty micro-brews and ciders. (Yes we winemakers do enjoy a nice Hop and Barley pop as well). I almost think even though each of the wines were stellar, each of them deserved to be their own spotlight and didn't get a chance because we were celebrating the day more then the wine. Really I think they could have been appreciated even more on Tuesday or Wednesday. The day overall was incredible, but these wines could have made 3 different days incredible.
So I guess what I am getting at is that I believe we need to celebrate everyday somehow. Your birthday, anniversary, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, or Christmas is already going to be special occasions. Sure, I do still think it is great to eat and drink well on those days, but don't forget about tonight! Raid your cellar, closet, rack or local wine store and grab something to make today special. Life is too short to only celebrate "Special Occasion" days. Every day is a great reason to enjoy something that is going to make you happy. So I challenge you to go grab a bottle of bubbly, your favorite Single Vineyard selection, or any awesome wine sometime this week pour a couple glasses, cheers you friends, wife, or whoever your with and enjoy. When they ask, "What's the occasion?" Simply reply, I am with you right now and this wine is meant to be enjoyed. The occasion is that we love wine so why not celebrate it. Salute!
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