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What We’re Drinking for the Holidays
What We’re Drinking for the Holidays

We love the holidays. It’s a time when we pull out special bottles of wine to give or share, when we have fun pairing delicious vino to delicious food, when we get to share our passion for great juice with family and friends. 

Thanksgiving - Chardonnay 2010 - it will pair well with the Turkey and it is Ethan's birthday this year so drinking a birth year wine.

Christmas - Charval 2013 and Cabernet Franc 2013.  There are two things to remember in pairing wine with the holidays.  Choose an overall food friendly wine with fresh acidity because no wine pairs with the Turkey and the sides.  Choosing something fresh is cleansing and generally crowd pleasing is a better way to go (Charval is great for this).  The other thing to remember is that your Aunt and Grandparents probably do not care like you do about the pairing, but they love a story.  Tarara Cabernet Franc has developed a track record of being the top-rated Cabernet Franc in Virginia according to Wine Enthusiast.  This is the new vintage and a chance to try it before the world finds out and it is long gone again!  

I’m raiding the Library Wines and serving our 2011 Viognier Reserve for Thanksgiving, as well as some of the 2011 Cabernet Franc (if it lasts long enough for me to get my hands on it before we sell out again!).  The Viognier is the perfect wine for turkey and more turkey, so I’ll gladly be raising a glass in thanks!  For the football after the feast, I lean towards the reds, so I’m putting the Cabernet Franc into the playbook.  Just in case the 2011 leaves the floor before then, I’ll call an audible at the line of scrimmage and sub the 2013 Cabernet Franc – definitely a winner!  Oh, and I almost forgot about the Boneyard’s Bad to the Bone Bubbles – the perfect way to begin the party!

It’s the 2011 Viognier Reserve that will be served at the Parker Thanksgiving dinner.  It was fun shopping the library wines and seeing what treasures appeared from the cave. 

Hailing from the Southern end of Maryland on the Potomac River, my Thanksgiving traditions revolve around seafood and a traditional dish called Southern Md. Stuffed Ham. We will start with freshly harvest oysters served Rockefeller style followed by local cheeses for a toast with the Boneyard Bubbles.  We will then open a nice Charval to accompany the ham and all the sides.  We are expecting the arrival of our First Grandchild around this great holiday so it will truly be a Thanksgiving to remember; so, to close the evening, we must have a glass of D-9.  Then repeat 4 weeks later – it doesn’t get much better than that. Cheers!

It’s 2011 Viognier Reserve and Turducken for Thanksgiving as the more traditional white-with-poultry service. I also love mixing it up, and since the Turducken is stuffed with a rich smoked sausage dressing, am pouring the Tranquility 2012 with it, as well.  Dessert is this incredible Pumpkin pie from Cook’s Illustrated that one of my best friends makes each year, and while this would pair great with something more traditional like a Chardonnay (it’s a really rich pie), I want to add some party to our holiday, so I’m putting it with our Boneyard Bad to the Bone Bubbles!

My winter holidays continue on December 21st, the shortest night of the year!  This is a night for family and friends, and lots and lots of food; so, I’ll be serving a lot of different wines. There will be Charval 2013 for those friends who like the whites with a crisp acidity, and the Bin #4 Red for the red lovers. The main course is venison, and I’m serving our Boneyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, a big, full red that pairs beautifully with game.   And, of course, more Bubbles to toast out the dark and celebrate the lengthening days with some sparkle and shine.

What are you serving this holiday season?
Post By:   Bryan Winfrey
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