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Pairing Guidelines

Pairing Guidelines

  • 1) Tannic Reds love Red Meat (the more rare the better) – The proteins in the meat actually battle against the tannins causing them to be perceived less and allow the fruit to be more pronounced.
  • 2)  Acidic wines and Salt = Metallic taste
  • 3)  Tannins and Salt are both cumulative substances – This means each will increase the perception of each other which will continue to gain until your palate is cleansed
  • 4)  Wine should always be sweeter than the food – Dessert wines have varying levels of sweetness that is part of their style.  They are meant for their own purposes.  If the food is sweeter than the wine, the wine will come off dry and usually quite bitter or tart.
  • 5)  High Alcohol and High (spicy) heat intensify each other – While some simply like the burning sensation with heavy spice foods, it is generally thought that high alcohol (over 13-14%) works poorly with spicy food because it heavily intensifies it.
  • 6)  Sweetness tames Hot (spicy) food – sweeter wine with moderate to low alcohol will tame the spicy nature of some foods to allow more complexity to come from the food.
  • 7) Acid and acid work together – the best way to combat high acid foods is with a high acid wine.  Acid is not cumulative so it keeps them in a parallel calabrating your palate to find the intricacies in both.  In the wine it is also more cleansing.
  • 8) Acid cuts through oily, creamy and greasy food – A high acid wine will cut through oily, creamy and greasy food causing the food to come off somewhat lighter.  It does not do much for the wine, but allows more pleasure with the food.
  • 9) Vinegar is bad!!! – there is no wine that will ever pair well with vinegar.  If enjoying a salad with heavy vinaigrettes then it is likely wine will be a poor choice.  It will make the wine come across like vinegar.
  • 10) Match weight with weight and intensity with intensity – Often heavier foods require heavier wines, otherwise the wine will get lost from the power of the food.  The same is true the other way around.  This is also the case with flavor intensity.  Intense flavored foods and wine create palate fatigue so delicate natured foods and wines will lose their ability to shine.
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