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It’s Hot!, Pass the Wine: What to Drink in the Heat
 OK, let’s be completely honest with ourselves: this summer has been awesome.  This post is certainly not timely, nor really that relevant this year; but, it is on our schedule to discuss, and I am one for schedules!!! 

One of the most common questions we are asked is what to drink in the hot, stinky days of summer.  Well, as we passed Labor Day weekend we still have not seen those days.  We have hardly even broken the 90 degree mark and 100 degrees is unheard of in 2014.  Now that I have said that, I will have jinxed the year and September will be record-breaking heat and all of our air conditioning units will break.

What do we do?!?!?!?!  Drink!!!!  The real answer to what to drink in the heat is really quite simple.  It is the same answer as to what to drink in the winter: whatever you like.  That said, I am going to tell you what I drink in the summer since I feel like a know-it-all and everyone should copy me.  I still hear people coming in asking us what our richest red is, telling me they want something similar to Petit Sirah or Zinfandel all summer.  My first feeling is one of being caught off guard, since that sounds like masochist talk to me.  If you dig it, we have some wine for you; but, me personally, I avoid high alcohol, heavily extracted wines most of the summer.  There are times on those cooler evenings when celebrating life, but generally I want refreshment.

This is my favorite time of year (other than harvest of course).  Local farms are bountiful and the sun is shining.  Every day is a day to wake up happy knowing that there is a wealth of great food and wine to be enjoyed in the most blissful surroundings.  I love pairing summer wines and summer foods.  They tend to work too!  Remember on major food and wine rule of thumb, high acid works with high acid.  That means those beautiful heirloom tomatoes you picked up at the farm market will be awesome with the Charval 2013 you grabbed from us.  I don’t know why but I find acidity within reason to be very refreshing.  I also find fresh flavors and aromas refreshing and want them to be as powerful as the marigolds planted beside me to work in harmony. 

Summer on the deck

With all these thoughts, I find myself reaching for the same wine ever so often this time of year.  I keep grabbing at the Charval and Rose.  The 2013 Charval is also by far my favorite yet for this time of year.  It is bone dry, fresh and aromatically abundant.  It is just a joy to drink.  It pairs well with simple grills and salads so it really is the best choice for me in the heat of the summer.

Tell us, what wine floats your boat this time of year? 
Post By:   Jordan Harris

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