' February 2014 - Boneyard and Blossoms... OH YEAH!
Tarara Winery
In This Crushin' Issue:
1)  #VAWineChat
2)  The Boneyard Takeover
3)  The 2014 Boneyard Release and Barrel Tasting
5)  New New New 
7)  Where are We?
8)  What's on our minds?
The Tarara Road Show
Where we at?  Here we be!  If you happen to live near or visit any of the following spots, be sure to stop in and say hello:
Friday, February 14
Tarara tasting at Salud Natural Pantry in Great Falls, VA (weather allowing)
Friday, February 21 &  Saturday, February 22
Tarara and Boneyard tasting at WineStyles in Montclair, VA
Saturday, March 1
Tarara and Boneyard tasting at Swirl & Sip, Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA
Saturday, March 15
Tarara and Boneyard tasting at Cheesetique in the Del Ray section of Alexandria
Tuesday, March 25
Tarara and Boneyard tasting at Twisted Vines in Arlington, VA

February? What's happening?
Sonya: "I’m officially over winter.  I’m counting the days until it’s 75 degrees and sunny.  Until then, I’m keeping myself busy at work and at play, if you can call it that.  I’m psyched to be working with a new distributor that we just brought on board.  Not only will they be working with us to get Tarara wines out to the market, but they’ll help make sure Boneyard becomes a huge name, too!  For “fun,” I’m studying for my CSW exam, learning French, and investing in all things fleece, wool, fire, or whatever will keep me warm.  Game on."
Jordan: "This February seems pretty relaxed in comparison to 2013.  Last year everywhere my wife and I went we had to include an overnight bag since she was due to go into labor.  Well this year we just get to hang with the boys instead (and seems like we keep getting lots of that quality time with school closures).  Since all at home is calm and great, we decided to add chaos in the cellar by having an early bottling date.  In the last week of February we will be bottling up some cool stuff.  A lot of it will be from my favorite vintage, 2012.  We will be doing Nevaeh Red 2012, #SocialSecret 2012, Bin 11 2012, and the first of the 2013’s with Charval.  Also that week we will bottle up our partner Boneyard Wines stuff including Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Unrefined Red 2012, Rose 2013, Chardonnay 2013 and Unrefined White 2013 to get ready for the first Boneyard Club release in March.  Exciting times!!!"
Margie: "February is the greatest month – it takes us to spring faster than any other month with only 28 days – I absolutely love it!  Now if it would just stop snowing I would be the happiest girl on the planet.  I joined a new running group that is training for a marathon later in the year and that will be a milestone for me – just started running last year for the first time in my life and ran my first ½ marathon in September which was also THE first race I ever ran.  Found my spirit so this year will be even better!  I love sports also and this year the one redeeming factor for February is that the Olympics gives us a few distractions until warm weather comes in and the time changes and the days are back for only 1 layer of clothing without mittens, wool socks, boots and down jackets!  Enjoy it all  - warm or cold!"
Shawn: "Unlike most years past, when I am generally able to think about little else besides when it will get warm again, this February is pretty exciting for me. And, it’s also is a pretty big departure from my usual routine. I’m getting settled in here at Tarara and getting to know the staff and daily operations, which has been fun and educational. Simultaneously, I am training for my upcoming hike on the one of the 10 most dangerous trails in America, the Kalalua Trail in Hawaii, in mid-March. Exhilarating, but also a bit scary. These two things are keeping me pretty tightly focused at the moment, with a fairly regimented schedule, though I am finding time for some live music and wine with friends occasionally!"
 Bryan: "February is a bittersweet time as it feels to me like a sports-wasteland.  The Super Bowl is finished, pitchers and catchers haven’t reported for baseball spring training, and basketball has yet to get interesting.  My schedule isn’t exclusively dictated by sports, but I admit, it’s a big part.  On the plus side, National Signing Day has happened for college football and the Sooners are looking pretty good!  Also, the summer concerts are starting to line up and 2014 looks to be another killer lineup.  Good thing it’s a short month!"

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, wine is in the cave, and we’re ready to get out and about!  Snow?  Psshaaww… Our hearts are warm enough to melt that white stuff and set the ground on fire!  We’ve got the goods on deck for the next couple of months and can’t wait to KICK OUT THE JAMS!

http://www.wineweb.com/public/w1151/dinodozer(1)_90x65.jpgThe Boneyard takes over! http://www.wineweb.com/public/w1151/t-rex(1)_90x65.jpg
Very cool happenings from our partner-in-vino-et-veritas the Boneyard kick-off on Thursday evening, February 20, when winemaker Jordan Harris will sit down with the host of Virginia Wine Chat to taste and discuss Boneyard wines!  NICE!  Come in to be a part of the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE starting at 7:30 pm and taste along with Jordan (RESERVATIONS HERE).  If you can’t make it in, you can get your own three-pack of the wines being tasted (call us at 703.771.7100) and follow along on Twitter at #VAWineChat. Taste the wine, feed your questions to Jordan, and feel the power of the Boneyard! 
If you can’t make it in on Thursday, be sure to pop in the following two weekends because the Boneyard is crashing the Tasting Room and taking over!  Starting February 22 and 23, we’ll be pouring some awesome juice from the initial release and rumor has it that some very limited, Prestige wines will be part of the line up being poured…  Ahhh, que sera, sera…?  Mark it down and put it on your calendar, we’ll be rockin’ the Boneyard all weekend long!
**VINE CLUB MEMBERS please note the Vine Club Lounge will be closed Sunday, February 23**

The Boneyard UNLEASHED
March 1 and 2the Boneyard will still be off-the-chain in the Tarara Tasting Room and kicking it LoCo style, yo!  Come taste the stylings of the Boneyard Unrefined White, Unrefined Rose, Unrefined Red, Skins, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Super-Secret-Juicy-Wine!  It’s gonna be off-the-hook!
2014 Boneyard Release and Barrel Tasting
All this excitement just serves to whet the collective appetite and prime the people’s palate for the inaugural Boneyard Release and Barrel Tasting on Saturday, March 15!  Boneyard Club members can pick up the 2014 Boneyard Release wines and join Jordan in the cave to taste barrel samples of some of the wines that will be a part of the 2015 Boneyard Release.  If you’re already a part of the exclusive Boneyard Club, be sure to clear your schedule – you DO NOT WANT TO MISS this once-a-year event!  If you’d like to join the Boneyard Club, send an email to info@boneyardwines.com or CLICK HERE and we’ll do the rest.  Space in the Boneyard Club is limited and filling up fast, so don’t delay!
Bradford Pear Tree Blossoms!
If you’ve been a part of the Tarara family for any amount of time, chances are you’ve been fortunate enough to witness the breathtaking beauty of the entrance driveway when our Bradford Pear Trees are in full blossom.  This crowning jewel of the Cherry Blossom season has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  Truly, pictures do not do it justice, so be sure to visit us the last weekend of March, March 29 and 30.  We’ll be expecting you and the blossoms will be a’blooming! 
The All-New New Website and New Labels Are NEW!
It’s coming – we promise!  With this being a very special year (can anyone guess the reason?) we’ll be launching a brand-spanking new website.  In tandem with the new labels for the February bottling run, we feel that the essence and spirit of Tarara is well represented and we are excited as all-get-out to share it with everybody.  Curious yet?
"We're ready to be bottled!"