' February 2013 - Love me, Love me!...Mmmm Wine!
Tarara Winery
In This Crushin' Issue:
1)  Valentine's Weekend
2)  Wine Enthusiast and This    Weekends Tastings
3)  Tarara-Bowl
4)  Vine Club Pick-Ups
5)  Bottling
6)  Vineyard
7)  Help Loudoun!
8)  Where are We?

The Tarara Road Show
It seems like we are all over the place this month. Literally! If you happen to live near or visit any of the following spots, be sure to stop in, have a bite, and say hello:
Feb. 6
Radford, VA
Feb. 8
Virginia Beach, VA
Feb. 12
Lexington, VA

Le Team Extrordinaire!!!
Jordan Harris
The last month has simply been a whirlwind, but incredibly awesome.  Whether tasting through our 2012 barrels creating blends, hearing about the Wine Enthusiast coming release, talking with our awesome staff about this New Year and what we will be up to, or seeing all our awesome fans in the tasting room, I have been smiling since everything seems to be running perfectly well.  It really seems like everyone I have come across at Tarara has started 2013 in an incredible mood, and we are seeing great results for our work over the last couple years.
On the personal side I am just getting more and more excited each day to become a father of a second child.  We also have family coming to visit for most of the month which is always awesome. Lots of food, wine and great conversations.  All and all, a month in, and 2013 rocks!
Kim Parker
I’ve been having fun spending some weekends in the Tasting Room – usually I’m just here on weekends during the concerts and Vine Club release parties. I enjoy the energy in the Tasting Room and getting to know you all.
January’s Vine Club Release party …. Wow. Over 500 members attended on Saturday and Sunday. It was great seeing everyone. The spring-like weather allowed us to provide more space outside; however it caught us a bit off guard. It’s important that we provide a quality experience that everyone can enjoy and due to the great demand of the Vine Club parties, we’ll go to a reservations system in April as well as consider adding a second weekend celebration.
We’re putting together another great line up for our summer concerts. A lot of folks are asking about the bands for this summer’s concert and getting excited to enjoy a summer evening with us. The line-up should be complete soon and you’ll be the first to know once the bands are all confirmed.
Sonya Farrell
As a self professed workaholic and recovering overachiever, I hate being taken out of the game. But that's exactly what happened last week when, out of nowhere, I came down with a wicked case of bronchitis. I didn't schedule this. I have too much to do and already too little time. How will I get it done if I'm not there? (Delegate.) Who will get it done if I'm not there? (Jordan and Kim.) That's when I realized that maybe this was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to step back and relax...and then go back to bed and get some much needed rest for several days. By day 3 though, my mind's gears started churning. Between coughing fits, long naps, and imbibing mass quantities of hot tea and Gatorade, I had brief but brilliant moments of lucidity during which I came up w new ideas for future wine tastings, scheduled my sales meetings and events for the rest of the calendar year, developed content for next month's newsletter, and solved the square root of pi. Ok, maybe not that last one. But it's amazing how productive I became once I was forced to take a break for a few days.  But now I'm back.  Game on!
Really no one should ever need an excuse to tell someone you love them.  That said, wine always makes it even more exciting, and what better time to combine them than Valentine's Day?!?!

Be my Valentine...at Tarara!
This Valentine's Day, treat your schmoopy to a romantic tasting for two by the fire in our Great Room. You’ll each enjoy a flight of wines paired with local cheeses, and live classical acoustic music. We’ll send the two of you off with a bottle of wine and handcrafted chocolate truffles to take home!
Saturday, Feb. 16 and Sunday, Feb. 17: 12:00pm and 3:00pm
$50 per person - Reserve Here
(Not inclusive of tax)
Each seating is limited to 20 people.
As those of you who attended our most recent pick-up party know, this space fills up VERY fast. Make your reservations now, and leave the rest to us!

Breaking news:
Wine Enthusiast Loves Tarara Winery!
We are so excited to announce that Tarara Winery is among the first in VA to receive ratings of 90 from Wine Enthusiast, on not just one but on three of our wines! Of the seven top rated wines in VA in the March Advanced Buying Guide, three of them belonged to us. That's right, our Cabernet Franc 2010Tranquility Red 2010, and CasaNoVA 2010 all rocked it! Of course we all already knew that VA produced amazing wines, but it's a huge honor to be recognized by such a highly regarded publication read by so wine lovers all over the country! Cheers to everyone!
Given this super awesome news we have revamped our tasting sheet, which we anticipate will only be for this weekend.  Most of the wines are now quite limited based on Vine Club allotments, futures sold as Commonwealth Collection, and simply interest the past couple days since this info was released.  Our tasting sheet this weekend will inlcude:  Charval 2010Honah Lee White 2010Nevaeh White 2010Boneyard Red 2011, Cabernet Franc 2010Tranquility Red 2010CasaNoVA 2010TerraNoVA 2010 and SuperNoVA 2010.  That's the biggest all-star line-up ever for us.  It won't last given some of these have well under 15 cases left.
If you can't make it out this weekend because football is creating too much excitement, you can order all of the wines online until they are sold out as well here.
If you missed the last email that showed all of the wines from the latest Wine Enthusiast release, check it out here (find us on pg 10 and then all of Virginia starting on pg 33) :

And the winner of the 2013 Tarara Bowl is…
It’s what we’ve been waiting for all month. CasaNoVA 2010 v. SuperNoVA 2010, in a showdown of strength, endurance, and just general deliciousness. The winner, determined by the outcome of this Sunday night’s Big Game, will be available online and at the winery all week, or until it’s gone!  
It was super cool to see two of our Commonwealth Collection make it to the finals.  They are what we think are our best, paired with the apparent best of football.  Sweet!

In the Cellar….
18,000 bottles of wine on the line…18,000 bottles of wine…
Take one down, pass it around. 17,999 ½ bottles of wine on the line!
We’re bottling this month! Stop by the crush pad on your way in to the Tasting Room on Feb. 17 to see how it all gets done. Take a mini-tour of our bottling line and watch how our bottles get filled, capped, and labeled in a matter of seconds. We’re like wine wizards over here!
This is the month we have been waiting for...we get to bottle the first of our 2012's and the 2011 vintage of Cabernet Franc and BossaNoVA 2009.  It includes finishing up the final blend of these wines, letting all the juice get aquainted, and then bottling it up.
It is also the last time we are going to have our boyz Tim and Kevin around for a couple of months. They are off to New Zealand later this month and early in March to learn some new ideas from some of the masters of aromatic whites.

In the Vineyard…
Really this month seems a lot like the coming Groundhog Day.  The same thing over and over again.  We started pruning in December and well...we are still pruning.  Not to say that it isn't a lot of fun, because there is nothing like a pair of headphones cracking while you are standing in the sun on a mild winters day.  Just you and the vines!  That is assuming we will not have another one of those cold snaps.  That kinda sucked!
We will finish pruning in the next week or so though, and then it is just tying our new canes down to get ready for this upcoming and hopefully awesome 2013 vintage.  The new vintage is born now.

In the Tasting Room….
We love food.  Food food food.  If you’ve been to the winery before, you already know that we carry great food selections, including locally sourced cheeses, bread, meats, nuts, and other tasty treats.  Over the next few months, we will be revamping our culinary program to bring you more options that will go perfectly with your favorite glass of wine!  Stay tuned….

Help Loudoun County!!!
As a valued guest to Tarara Winery, we are constantly striving to improve your visitor experience. In this effort, we are currently assisting the Loudoun County, Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureau (Visit Loudoun) with a visitor research project. Visit Loudoun has contracted with an independent research firm, Young Strategies, to conduct this research.
We would appreciate you taking a brief visitor survey and providing your feedback on your most recent visit to Loudoun County. Just click on the survey link below to begin. In appreciation for your time and effort, you can register to win one of three Visa $100 gift cards upon completion of the survey.
Click Here for the survey:
On behalf of Brian Jenkins, Director of Research, Visit Loudoun and Berkeley Young, President, Young Strategies, Inc., we thank you for your input!