' May 2014 - Special Announcement!
Tarara Winery
In This Crushin' Issue:
1)  Happy Mother's Day! 
2)  The Boneyard in Purcellville! 
3)  2012 Single Vineyard Release
4)  Riedel Tasting!
5)  Concert Schedule
6) Summer Solstice
7) Friday Night Flights
8)  Where are we?
9)  Poetry for the glass
The Tarara Road Show
Where we at?  Here we be!  If you happen to live near or visit any of the following spots, be sure to stop in and say hello:
Monday, May 19
DC Lamb Jam at the Eastern Market in Washington, DC 
6 pm - 9 pm
Thursday, June 19
Tasting at Iron Bridge Wine  Company in Warrenton
Sunday, June 22
The RAMMY Awards in Washington, DC 
Friday, June 27
Tasting at Draper Mercantile

Praise Of Water 
by Armand Gouffé
AT last, at last it rains,
     The vine which was athirst
Its strength once more regains,
     By heavenly bounty nursed.
So let your glasses clink
     To water,—gift divine!
‘Tis water makes us drink
        Good wine.

Through water, friends, ‘t is true
     The Deluge once we had;
But, thanks to Heaven, there grew
     The good beside the bad.
Our grave historians think
     The Flood produced the vine:
‘Tis water makes us drink
        Good wine.

How great is my delight,
     When, with their precious store,
The vessels are in sight,
     Before my very door;
And on the river’s brink
     Land juice from every vine!
‘Tis water makes us drink
        Good wine.

In weather fine and dry
     The miller drinks his fill
Of water, with a sigh;—
     His mill is standing still.
When water flows, I think,
     No longer he’ll repine:
‘Tis water makes him drink
        Good wine.

Another instance yet,
     Good comrades, I can show:
See into yon guinguette1
     The water-carrier go.
His eyes begin to blink,
     His troubles to decline:
‘Tis water makes him drink
        Good wine.

Of water while I sing,
     I’m thirsty with my task:
Be kind enough to bring
     A bumper from the cask.
Your glasses bravely clink,
     Repeat this strain of mine,—
‘Tis water makes us drink
        Good wine.

It's here!  The answer to the queries we've been dropping for the last few months.  We are more than excited and bursting with pride to be celebrating Tarara's 25th Anniversary this year!  Our past has paved the road for where we are today, and we are looking forward to a bright future!  We hope that you will all join us in celebrating this very special milestone over the next year, raising a glass of Tarara wine as we toast the occasion and salute all who have made it possible!  

Happy Mother's Day!
Come celebrate Mother's Day with a lounging afternoon on the deck or over by Lakeside Lawn.  What could be finer than hangin' out at winery? (Well, it almost rhymed).
***Vine Club Members please note that the Vine Club Lounge will be closed on Mother's Day, May 11.***
The Boneyard in Purcellville
Super-secret-stealthy no more!  We're heading to Purcellville to pour some awesome Boneyard wine at the Purcellville Visitors Center at the historic train station every month starting May 10 and May 11!  Located at 200 N. 21st Street, we'll be pouring the second and fourth weekends of each month (excluding May 24 and June 28), so pop in and grab some tasty Boneyard wines for your table!  We'll be rockin' the Boneyard all weekend long!
2012 Single Vineyard Wines Release
On May 18, the third Sunday in May, we'll be releasing our 2012 Single Vineyard Wines.  We know that you've been waiting so very patiently, so here is the big payoff!  Pick up 2012 Nevaeh White and 2012 Nevaeh Red, as well as 2012 #SocialSecret White and 2012 #SocialSecret Red.  Tasty!  Coming from one of Jordan’s favorite vintages, these are some of the best balanced wines we have seen to date.  The prolonged and generally mild 2012 season resulted in wines with vibrant acidity, massive flavor concentration, moderate alcohol and beautifully ripe tannins.  Easily lasting 10+ years, there will be limited amounts of the Single Vineyard wines initially available.  First come, first served!
Riedel Tasting - June 1, 2014 1:00 pm
Very few spots are left for this event! On Sunday, June 1, one of our most in-demand events will be happening once again.  Come see for yourself how the different shapes and sizes of glasses affect your perception of the wines you are drinking.  It truly is one of life’s “Aha” moments!  Most people question the concept until they see it for themselves.
The tasting will be at our Lakeside Pavilion, and will include a tasting of several of our wines as we show how they are affected by the different stems.  It will also include four different stems to take home with you from the Riedel Vinum Collection - Bordeaux/Cabernet, Burgundy/Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc/Dessert Wine, and Montrachet/Chardonnay!
This event usually fills up very fast, so don’t delay in making reservations!
$65.00 per person - Includes:
  • Tasting of 4 Tarara wines
  • One Riedel stemware set consisting of 4 popular wine glasses from the Vinum collection: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Dessert Wine and Montrachet (Chardonnay).   Retail - $119.00
  • Instructive Tasting from a Riedel Representative and Jordan Harris
  • A Super Awesome time hanging out drinking fine wine with some cool people
We will also be able to pre-order extra stemware at the event at their lowest regular retail prices (not the promotional price of this event and please note that we will not be able to offer our Vine Club discount at these low prices).
  • $50.00 per pair of stems if purchased individually for any of the four.
  • $100.00 for the set of all four.
  • You will also be able to order other styles , including Riesling, Viognier/Chardonnay, Oaked Chardonnay, Vintage Champagne, Water and Martini at the same lowest retail prices.

June 7 is the kickoff for the 2014 Summer Concert Season and it also marks the 25th Anniversary of the week Tarara opened its doors to the public!  This is a very special milestone we'll be celebrating throughout the year and we want you all to be a part of the celebration!  With our concerts are leading off with Almost Queen, we'll be hitting the ground running and won't stop until the end of September.  Check out the full schedule here and get your tickets today!  Come out and rock out, LoCo-style!
Summer Solstice Tasting in the Vineyard
Year after year, we have such a great time at this event and the view is always magical!  Easily Jordan’s favorite day of the year, the Summer Solstice is the transition of the early summer and the start toward the vineyard getting riper and riper.  The next stop after the Solstice is harvest!
The best part is that we’ve managed to again have the event on a Friday so no need to go into work the next day.  Just a great opportunity to come enjoy some wine up in the vineyard, talking wines and vines as the sun sets over the Catoctin Mountains.  Get the picture in your mind yet?
More details to come! 
Save the Date – June 20th, 2014 – 6-10ish
Friday Night Flights
It's back, bigger, and better than ever! Get a babysitter and grab your friends!  Unwind with us every Friday night, starting June 6th from 6 pm – 9 pm. There might be music, there might be comedy, there might be ballroom dance lessons, but there will definitely be frolicking and frivolity!  Come on and be a part of the fun over at Lakeside Pavilion!  As those who attended last year can attest, we promise an enjoyable, laid-back, adults-only evening, complete with entertainment, good friends, and great wine.  Check it out!? 
Must be 21 or over to attend.
More details coming soon!
The Deck is Calling Your Name!