' April 2013 - Let the Craziness begin!
Tarara Winery
In This Crushin' Issue:
1)  Vine Club Pick Up  - Last Call Week One
2)  Meet Alicia Whitestone
4) Spring Release
5)  Toast to the Tunes Concerts Series
5)  What's up in the Cellar?
6)  What's up in the Vineyard?
7)  Where are We?
8)  What we're up to?

The Tarara Road Show
It seems like we are all over the place this month. Literally! If you happen to live near or visit any of the following spots, be sure to stop in, have a bite, and say hello:
March 27
Frederick, MD
March 30
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Occoquan, VA

Vine Club Lounge Closures
March 31 - Closed for Easter
April 7 - Closed for Pick Up Party
April 14 - Closed for Pick Up Party
April 21 - Closed for Spring Release

Le Team Extrordinaire!!!
Jordan Harris
So it turns out I am going to have to speak for three of us.  My two lame partners in crime bailed on me to go have fun in New Zealand for a couple months.  Just kidding, sort of.  They are in New Zealand having the time of their lives, but working very hard.  
Kevin went off to the North Island in mid February to work harvest at a massive place called Gisvin that does custom crush for other wineries.  I think the shock of size is starting to set in.  Last we spoke with him he was getting ready to press 500 tons of grapes the next day.  We do about 120-150 in a year!  Kevin will be back with stories and new ideas in mid April.
Tim just left last week to embark of some adventures on the South Island to specialize in the worlds best Sauvignon Blanc.  He, too, is getting a taste of what being at a big winery is all about at Indevin, processing 10,000 tons this harvest.  He will be back in mid May to let us all know about the debauchery ensued by him.
Here on the home front I would love to say that with Tim and Kevin gone, Jen and I would be getting more rest.  No chance!  Why, because we are so excited to announce our newest addition:  Declan Julion Harris.  He is another little miracle in our life, and we could not be happier.  Both Mommy and both of the boys are doing very well (me too).  Ethan is learning all about his new baby brother, who he thinks is a rockstar, considering he keeps buying him new toy trains and cars :)
Really, life could not be grander than it is right now.  I am living the dream with two of the most amazing children, a beautiful wife, living on these incredible grounds called Tarara, and working with the best team anyone could have.  On top of all that I have spent much more time in the store this winter and have gotten to re-connect or meet with many of you.
This year has certainly started to be my best yet professionally and personally.
Sonya Farrell
Food Food Food.  I love food.  Really.  The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I often think about before I go to sleep, is food.  Really.  Yep, I may have a problem.  So it’s awesome that Jordan has asked me to channel my obsession into revamping our food selections in the Tasting Room.  Now I’m not only planning out my own menus for the next couple of weeks; I’m planning Tarara’s as well, with a focus on locally sourced, quality ingredients.  We’ve already started introducing our new cheese boards into the mix, to absolutely rave reviews, I might add.  And yes, you can even buy them in our Gift Shop!    So, look for some fun changes coming in the next couple of months.  And if there’s something delicious  and local that you’d love to see us carry, just drop me a line.  Cheers!

Well, regardless of the silly groundhogs lies, we do believe Spring is right just about to begin.  If it doesn't then Jordan has threatened to move back to Canada where it is warm :)  Well, now are lying, he never said that but who could blame him when we are getting snow storms at the end of March just after the official start to Spring.
Really with the start of Spring we are uber excited for the busy season to begin.  We have had the best fall and winter ever for us with great national acclaim, possibly our best vintage to date, a couple awesome new faces, and just and incredible push to the next level from each of our crew...Oh yeah, and I have spent more time in the tasting room hanging with you guys!!!  This Spring we get to release the first of the incredible 2012 vintage, the Single Vineyard Reds of the acclaimed 2010 vintage and some special bottlings from 2011.  It also is the start of the 2013 vintage as the vine awaken from winter hibernation and we get rolling into our always fun concert series.  Overall, it is a great and exciting time of year.

Meet Alicia Whitestone
In our last newsletter we brough you Bryan Winfrey, one of our new faces of Tarara joining us to help manage everything in our cluttered brains.  Well, that's a big job and it taked two, so here is Alicia.  Together you will see them hanging with Sonya, Margie, Kim and Jordan ensuring everything is great each time you are here whether at a concert, the tasting room, Vine Club Lounge, etc.  So here she is....Alicia Whitestone.
Hello everyone! My name is Alicia whitestone and I couldn't be more excited to start my new journey here at Tarara.
I was born and raised in Lakeville,Minnesota, a bit south if the Twin Cities. Anxious to get out of the Midwest I attended James Madison University, graduating in 2009 with a bachelor of arts in history and political science. Here in Virginia I discovered my love for wine after touring many winerys throughout the state.
I am a huge music lover and over the years have obtained quite the collection of music trivia. I spend much of my free time doing all types of art from painting to photography.
I've recently become the proud parent of an adorable puppy,Tabitha. Being a pit bull, lab, boxer mix she is quite the ball of energy, but I am excited to see her grow.
That about sums it all up, can't wait to get started!
An Afternoon with the Winemaker
So Jordan approached us a couple of months ago and said he was really insulted that we banishisd him and Tim to the cave.  He accused us of not liking them, and he promised they would be a lot of fun if we let them out to talk with you guys.  His wish has been granted, and he promises to be on his best (or worst depending on who you ask :)) behavior.
Jordan saying, "I'm drinking Nevaeh, should I have Chicken or Steak?"
This month's topic: "Friends Don't Let Friends Pair Wine with (Most) Cupcakes"
This March, learn how to pair food and wine, the Winemaker's way. In this 90 minute class, we'll explore firsthand what makes certain flavors and textures work so amazingly well together, and why some combinations remind you of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth (one of us learned that the hard way!) and should be avoided at all costs. We'll start by warming up our palates with some sensory perception exercises. Then we'll get to work tasting our way through different food and wine pairings to see what comes out on top. Get ready to overachieve!
March 23rd at 12:00pm
Includes 6 tasting wines, light food pairings, and course materials.
Each session is limited to 12 people. Reserve your spot now!

April's Vine Club Release is CrAzY!
 Vine Club Release Party......
Saturday and Sunday 
April 6th, 7th and April 13th, 14th 
Mark your calendars...for TWO weekends! That's right, due to simply indescribable participation at our last Vine Club soiree, we are turning this into a 2 weekend bash, with a twist!*
All weekend long, for TWO weekends, we’ll be hosting two-hour seatings for you to hang out with us and enjoy your favorite flight of wines along with some exciting new food pairings provided by Patricia Glaeser from Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm, renowed chef, neighbor, and Vine Club member! Choose one of the following flights: Winemaker's Select; Artisan White Select; or Artisan Red Select. Be sure to pre-order your flight when you make your reservations, and leave the rest up to us. 
Plus, be the first to try our highly anticipated Spring Releases and brag to your friends that you bought all of the D9!  
Exclusively for Vine Club Members!  Click here to view menu. 
*$10/person.  Each session has limited seatings. Reserve your spot now!
And the 2nd Quarter Wines are.....
Winemakers Select:      Bin #3 White 2011, Charval 2012, Bin #5 Red 2008
Artisan White Select:   Viognier Reserve 2011, Three Vineyard Chardonnay 2011, Bin #3 White 2011
Artisan Red Select:      Bin #9 Red 2010, #Social Secret 2010, Boneyard Red 2011
Single Vineyard:  #Social Secret 2010
*For a limited time receive 30% off additional wine purchases* when you pick up your wine the first two weekends in April OR purchase additional wine to add to your Vine Club shipment (shop online before April 1st and your order will be added to your Vine Club shipment)
Offer valid only when your wine ships on April 17th or when you stop in April 6, 7, 13, 14
*Includes Spring pre-release wines

Spring Release - April 20-21, 2013
What an exciting time of year!!!  We are getting out of this wintery cold (at least we are supposed to) and starting to get ready for the fun, vibrant, and BUSY Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  How do we start that out? With a release of our exciting new wines of course!
In this release we get to show you the first of the incredible 2012 vintage - my favorite ever - and the follow-up to our wildly acclaimed Cabernet Franc (and the last of the media and fan favorite 2010 vintage).  Could be our best release yet...
Vine Club Members will have the opportunity to try these and get them during their April Pick-up Party two weekends prior, or add them on to their Vine Club pack at a 30% discount instead of the normal 20%.
Here's our New Release line-up:
1)  Viognier 2012 - Made in miniscule quantities (only 87 cases).  This one will only be available for the release weekend.  It was never meant to be made! It was supposed to be part of Nevaeh White 2012, but Sonya begged to have some for our distributor (so it makes its way to you at your favorite restaurants), which it is all earmarked for, except what is purchased on this weekend.  It is juicy, floral, crisp, and just down right awesome.
$20.00/btl - Vine Club Price $16.00 - Vine Club package add on $14.00.  Limit 2 bottles / person.*
2)  Charval 2012 - Almost polar opposite to the 2010 vintage but equally killer.  The first time we have used the ancient variety Rkatsiteli and wow, we love it!  Crisp, herbal with great amounts of fruit balancing it,  blended with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  Think Sauv Blanc with an attitude. 
$20.00/btl - Vine Club Price $16.00 - Vine Club package add on $14.00.
3)  Three Vineyards Chardonnay 2011 - Jordan's favorite Chardonnay to date.  It is strange because of the challenging vintage, but it forced Jordan to pull from the top blocks normally desigated to Nevaeh to add in.  The result is a Chardonnay with almost crunchy acidity and transparent characters, showing Nevaeh in particular, with loads of minerality.  A far more Old World style to past Chardonnays here.
$23.00/btl - Vine Club Price $18.40 - Vine Club package add on $16.10.
4)  "Almost" Unoaked Chardonnay 2012 - Yeah...we said the "U-word".  Jordan never thought he would make an Unoaked Chardonnay, but many of you kept pushing him.  In 2012 he found a site on Carter Mountain close to Charlottesville that is very rocky, that he felt would show in a steely style.  He went for it and learned he loved it.  But he just couldn't commit all the way and felt a couple barrels just helped round out the wine.  So there you have it "Almost" Unoaked!
$20.00/btl - Vine Club. Price $16.00 - Vine Club package add on $14.00.
5)  Viognier Reserve 2011 - There is really only a couple cases left of this after filling the Vine Club packs.  It was a selection from the first picking of the Viognier in the Pond Block of Nevaeh.  It was all south side of the vine on a little "bump" in the center of the greater block.  This helped it get great sunlight, and therefore ripened prior to any of the ugly 2011 rains.  Rich, full and exotic are the best ways to describe this.
$25.00/btl  - Vine Club Price $20.00 - Vine Club package add on $17.50. 
6)  Nevaeh Red 2010 - Our flagship Red from the wildly celebrated 2010 vintage.  Enough Said!  Really though, this is a big and young wine  that could be locked away in a dungeon for a few years, or could be decanted and enjoyed with a big meaty meal.  It is a great representation of the complexities of the varieties and Nevaeh as a site.  Smoky, meaty,  and powerful but balanced with gobs of fruit and concentration.
$40.00/btl - Vine Club Price $32.00 - Vine Club package add on $28.00.
7)  Tranquility Red 2010 - You have probably already heard about this one from the publicity it received with the Cabernet Franc and CasaNoVA as one of the first Virginia wines to ecplise the 90 point level in Wine Enthusiast (not that we're bragging or anything).  Big and fruit forward with Tranquility Vineyard's telltale leafy, earthy notes.  We held only about 50 cases for this release.
$40.00/btl - Vine Club Price $32.00 - Vine Club package add on $28.00.
8)  Cabernet Franc 2011 - This is a super pretty Cabernet Franc (kind of like when Jordan had long hair, but now he cut it).  It is elegant, showing bright red berry fruit and loads of floral notes.  The medium body frame and vibrant acidity make this a great food wine and a fabulous follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2010.
$23.00/btl - Vine Club Price $18.40 - Vine Club package add on $16.10.

Tarara's Concerts are the place to be seen .....
Saturday evenings June through September.  
Dance under the stars like no one's watching, or just lay back and soak up the fantastic view of the band and Shadow Lake.  Tarara's Summer Concert Series is where it's at.  Come hang with us on Saturday nights all summer long.  Love blues or country?  Check!  Classic Rock?  We got it.  80's pop hits?  There's a band for that! 
And of course it goes without saying that Tarara wine is available for purchase at the venue, as well as whatever delicious bites Monks BBQ cooks up!
Check back soon to see the Summer Concert Schedule!  But until then…. Here’s the lineup for June
June 1            Pebble to Pearl
June 8            Tyler Toliver
June 15           2U
June 21           Gonzo's Nose
June 29           The Reflex

In the Cellar….
This is a super fun time of the year (have you ever heard me say this time of the year sucks?!?!  Won't happen when making wine).  This is the time of the year we plan to finalize our blends and get them together for the first time.  What a treat it has been this year, too.  The 2012 vintage is easily my favorite that I have ever worked.  They are wines of precision yet complex, balanced yet powerful and structured, and elegant yet intense and ripe.  The long growing season paid off.  
While the 2011 vintage gave us hurdles causing us to not make any Commonwealth Collection or Single Vineyard wines, 2012 has given us the opportunity to make the most we ever have!  Great news...The best vintage, and lots of it!
Now that we have created the blends and got them back into their barrels to rest another 12-15 months, we have entered a time of reflection and planning.  What has happened over the past 12 months, 24 months and 36 months, but more importantly, how can that help us in the coming month?  We will now be getting ready for 2013.  The buds will be breaking in a month's time, we must ensure we have the fruit we need, the barrel orders must get in, and we must get ready to bottle the rest of the 2012 whites and the 2011 reds...Not to mention the new Boneyard stuff (keep up to date on that stuff,,,It will be rockin').  
We look forward to the 2013 vintage with another year of experience with our style and our vineyards under our belt.  It should be a great one and we are ready.

In the Vineyard…
Aren't they cute!!!  
Like everywhere at Tarara, we like to experiment with anything that might make our wines better, be more efficient, or may cause less impact on our surrounding environment.  This year is a year of experimenting in the vineyard.  One of the experiments that we are working on implementing this year is introducing sheep into a five acre block of Nevaeh.  Why sheep?  Sheep are hungry and love to eat grass and weeds!  Guess what?  We have plenty of weeds and grass we need to get rid of.  The sheep can be our best friends.  It really is an exciting way to take another step in our direction to be reponsible, innovative and exciting.
A couple other additions to the vineyard this year will be the contruction of bat houses throughout, and planting wild flowers randomly around the vineyard area.  The bat houses are obviously to attract bats that will act as natural predators to harmful insects that can cause issues with the vines.  At the same time the wild flowers will attract beneficial insects which will also prey on the harmful insects and help to round out a mini ecosystem.  Really it is just fun to watch all these ideas come into action and see how life can naturally benefit our vineyards and reduce the needs of human or chemical input.
On top of the awesome sheep, flowers, and bats, we are keeping ourselves busy with some new plantings.  We have finally removed the last of  the varieties that we felt are not suitable to Nevaeh as a site or Tarara as a premium winery.  Over the last three years we have pulled out Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Seyval, Vidal, Chambourcin, Mourvedre and Grenache to make room for the more suitable Viognier, Petit Manseng, Syrah and Tannat.  What does this mean?  More high quality Nevaeh in the future as the vineyard will now all be grapes solely for Tarara and of the caliber that we deem necessary to show you. 

Help Loudoun County!!!
As a valued guest to Tarara Winery, we are constantly striving to improve your visitor experience. In this effort, we are currently assisting the Loudoun County, Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureau (Visit Loudoun) with a visitor research project. Visit Loudoun has contracted with an independent research firm, Young Strategies, to conduct this research.
We would appreciate your taking a brief visitor survey and providing your feedback on your most recent visit to Loudoun County. Just click on the survey link below to begin. In appreciation for your time and effort, you can register to win one of three Visa $100 gift cards upon completion of the survey.
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