' Holidays 2013 - Tarara turkey talk, and other holiday musings....
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In This Holiday Issue:
  1. Perfect Thanksgiving pairings
  2. Thanksgiving how-to
  3. Holiday Happenings at the Winery
  4. Annual Holiday Open House!
  5. Gifts for everyone
  6. Favorites        

December 5th, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
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Le Team Extraordinaire!!!
These are a few of our favorite things....
When folks were asked by Tarara's resident fair-and-balanced investigative reporter to comment on favorite Thanksgiving Day foods, responses ranged from the typical to the just plain awkward. Bryan Winfrey, drooling, chimed in with "Pecan pie with chocolate chips in the bottom of the crust," while "my grandma's stuffing" seemed to be a popular choice as well.  "I could eat my weight in that stuff," said Sonya Farrell, of Ashburn, VA.  Margie Russell stated matter of factly, "Oysters."  Hmmm.  And though she initially declined to be interviewed, Kim Parker eventially confessed to her penchant for potatoes of the sweet variety.  Kelly Pruss, on the other hand, emphatically stated that she preferred her potatoes "mashed...and lots of Tarara Wine!"  And one unnamed Canadian source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said "Poutine.  And hockey."  Likely story...
If you were stranded at your Aunt Edna’s house on Thanksgiving, and you could only bring 2 things, what would they be?
1.  2011 Rose...its crisp, light palate and herbal bouquet make this a great, classic pairing with turkey.
2.  Boneyard Wines Bad to the Bones Bubbles…if you’re looking for that extra special touch.  Loudoun County’s very first sparkling wine is available now for a limited time, and it’s PERFECT for Thanksgiving!
Congratulations.  You answered correctly!  Thanksgiving is the biggest wine holiday of the year, so you should dress up your table with some of our best stuff!  This is the perfect time to be the early bird (and not the turkey) and get your wine plans in place for the big day.
How will I ever pull this off without pulling out my hair?
Consider these steps for a stress-free (or less) Thanksgiving:
1.  Determine number of people attending and how much wine to buy.  Allow 1 - 2 glasses per person per hour.  Consider that a glass is usually 4 – 5 oz, unless Uncle Sal is visiting, in which case you may want to make that 6 oz.
2.  Determine menu.
3.  Prepare some items in advance, delegate items to friends, and order the rest!
4.  Borrow what you don’t have.  Make sure to really impress your guests with the proper stemware.  Just an FYI...Tarara has beautiful Riedel stemware and decanters (we don’t rent them, though.  Sorry!)
5.  Create workflow.
6.  Eat well, exercise, sleep well.  After dinner, step outside for a brisk, invigorating walk.  Time it right, and the kitchen may be clean by the time you get back!
7.  Take a breather.  Enjoy an after-dinner drink.  Whitie’s D9, perhaps?
8.  When in doubt, ask for help!
What’s going on at the winery for the Holidays?
Starting after Thanksgiving, we’ll have live music every weekend to get you in the holiday mood! Sip, shop, and celebrate to the sounds of Connor Duffy on Nov. 30th and Patty Reese on Dec. 1st.  Stay tuned for the rest of the Holiday line-up!
We’re also offering Premier Tastings on Nov. 29th.  Looking for a way to get out of the house for a couple of hours?  This is the perfect way to decompress (in case you didn’t follow the steps above) and enjoy a relaxed, leisurely wine tasting with a light food pairing (no turkey….we promise).
How 'bout something a little more festive?
Join us in the Tasting Room for our annual Holiday Open House on Thursday, December 5th.  Stop in and enjoy a glass of bubbly, light hors d’oeuvres, live holiday music, and other goodies while you shop for all of the good grown-up boys and girls on your list.  It’s our way of celebrating all of you and everything else we have to be thankful for!
December 5th:  5:00pm – 9:00pm
Free of charge
Adults only, please
But what about Cyber Monday?
Well, like all good things, our Cyber Monday tradition has come to an end.  But don’t you worry!  In case you haven’t heard, we’ve found some oldies, some goodies, and some rarities, put them in a sweet gift pack, and tied them up with a bow, just for you!  These holiday packages make a great gift for anyone who likes wine, from the casual sipper to the self-professed wine snob.  Click here or stop in to see for yourself, and stay tuned for more holiday fun!
Cheers to you this Holiday Season!