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Our Story

Our Story


 In 1985, a successful commercial developer, Whitie Hubert, decided to take an unusual detour and retire to 475 acres on the Potomac River in rural Loudoun County Virginia.  He realized that he was sitting on the perfect place to grow incredible grapes and make fabulous wine.  He knew he wanted to be a pioneer of the Virginia wine industry and devoted himself to building a new passion. His dedication and pioneering spirit would help lead Virginia wine into the minds and palates of many.

What we do is simple, yet cutting edge.  We do not confine ourselves to traditional rules.  We aim to make eclectic blends that are truly representative of where and who we are. 

Winemaking Philosophy

Less is more when it comes to our winemaking philosophy. When discussing our production you will never hear us describe some voodoo magic our winemakers have done to make such fantastic wine.  Our approach is simply to use less intervention but do each necessary task with exacting attention to detail and precision.

Our winemaking team likes to make wines that they themselves enjoy drinking.  These are wines with soul, intrigue, and most importantly, a sense of place.  


Wine is made from grapes, it is as simple as that.  No additive, designer yeast, winemaker, winemaking facility, or barrel has the impact on wine like the grape. Grapes show the soil, the amount of sunlight, surrounding vegetation, the volume of rain, etc.  This is what makes wine so fascinating- not what was done to alter the wine. It's about how a wine can be so complex, intriguing, concentrated, and exciting by being as natural as possible.  Our goal is to take those aspects from our vineyard and let them shine in the bottle.  

Our estate vineyard, Nevaeh Vineyard is so incredibly unique it is unlikely anyone will have quite the same terroir combination. The main factors that contribute to Nevaeh's uniqueness are the varying soils and exposures, it's proximity to the east side of the Catoctin Foothills, and the moderating effects of the Potomac River and Shadow Lake. Each block of the vineyard has something special to offer, whether it is our limestone-rich clay of the Hill, sandier soils of the Pond, or the harder red clay of the Road block. 

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