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Tarara Winery is built and managed with passion.  Since day one, every decision we made has been based on a passion for where we want to go and who we want to be.  Our paths may have shifted, however, our passion as we have grown to be the winery we are today is what got us here.

A large part of who we are is based on the fact that we only want to surround ourselves with those who have the same burning excitement we do for our vineyard, our wine, and Virginia wine as a whole.  Our passion starts in the field where we aim to meticulously tend each of our vines looking at them as individual lives growing to be more mature and striving to show where they come from.  It then moves to the cave, where we aim to produce only the finest wines representing all of our hard work in the field through the growing season.  Finally our passion becomes contagious and is brought to you as we showcase our wines in our tasting room, at our exciting concerts, or wherever they are found throughout our great nation.

From the day Whitie Hubert planted our first Chardonnay in 1987, or when he opened our winery in 1989, we have been driven by an absolute passion to be the best at whatever we do.  Whether it was our past events, or our modern style of non-compromising wine, we have done it with soul and heart over often common sense.  It has been driven by our passion.
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